Carl Schilde

Born and raised in West Berlin sometime in the 80s, Carl has already had several musical incarnations. From a Berlin Art Prize nomination for his single-note vinyl record (“The whole concept makes me upset” - Vice), to glimpsing the album charts by co-writing an aging crooner’s magnum opus (“Glamorous” - NY Times), he has always been more interested in exploring different angles than building a career.

Since a transcontinental move to Canada, his focus has shifted from the conceptual to the immediate music-making process, forever lost in a 70s fever dream at his Toronto studio. The first batch of these songs were recently released as Europop, Carl’s debut solo album. (”superbe...à la fois classe et cheap” - Télérama)

An avid live performer, Carl was also one of Damo Suzuki’s Sound Carriers and is currently a member of Playdate, whose album Manitoulin Tapes has been descibed as “a blissed out lo-fi ambient gem” by The Wire magazine. His contemporary sound art pieces as part of the boundary pushing duo HEAVYLISTENING have been exhibited at Ars Electronica and CTM Berlin.